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SQL Inserting into tables

Now you are able to create tables on SQL using the previous article.  Today I will be showing you how to insert data to your tables and create primary keys.

Using the “Member” table we created, starting with setting up the primary key


Simply we need the main field to gain the primary key option, for example ID’s, so to tick the box next to the (Member_id).

Now with inserting values in that table, click on SQL on the top of the page



and use this code:

[codebox 1]

INSERT INTO: SQL order to insert values into tables, and after that should be the table name, as in the example (INSERT INTO Member).

and whats between the first parenthesis is the table’s attributes.

VALUES: is the SQL request to add values added between the next parenthesis



Another way to get information inserted into the databases without all the hassles of running SQL queries, simply just click on Insert

MySQL Insert

Then you will see this friendly user table you just have to type the information you want

MySQL insert 2

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