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SQL Introduction


SQL is one of the best known computer languages that big companies use. SQL stands for Structured Query Language.

It’s one of the best tools you could use to link to upgrade your website into a 2 way website, which mean it allows you to make one page that changes its own value and content by the user requests and interactions with the website.

In other words, it makes your website dynamic.  Here is a graphic that shows the example of linking PHP to SQL:



How to get started?

If you already have your own domain name hosted on a server, and have some kind of database plan,  you should be able to access your MySQL via phpMyAdmin:PHPmyadmin

Then we need to start creating table using SQL queries, by clicking on SQL on the top:



Then in the white box, write the queries for the creation.

[codebox 1]

CREATE Table: is the order for SQL to read the query to start creating table, and what come right after this is going to be the table name.

Column_name: is what you need to start think about, structure your databases and tables to match your needs to pull out the information you need.

data_type: is the type of the column for example if the column requires only numbers the data type should equal to INT for integer, for texts and numbers together VARCHAR(255) and there should be a VARCHAR size between (1) to max. (255) and that means the number of characters will be saved. DATE is for dates input and will be explained later,

Here how you customize it:

[codebox 2]

This is what is going to be displayed in your database:




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